Kym Carter – Dedicated to achieving highest goals in the hotel industry

Every year, thousands of students complete their degree in hospitality, but only some of them mark their presence in the international hotel industry and Kym Carter is one of the people that are most renowned in the Australian and international hotel industry.

Backed with years of experience in serving the clients and the employers with dedication and hard work, Kym has been renowned as the most respected in the field. The enthusiasm and the motivating personality make him the unbeatable personality among the leaders. Kym Carter ensures that the projects are moving forward in a cohesive unit to reach optimum goals and returns for the owners.

It’s the years of experience that he has been exposed to rejuvenation and refurbishment of hotel operations. After completing his Diploma in Hotel Management majored in sales and marketing, he joined the hotel industry and with the dedication he has achieved highest goals in the professional front.

Kym has always refused to take failure as an answer and he follows a very much impressive philosophy- don’t be afraid of failure, because it will happen. He has created many records in helping hotel businesses and achieve optimum goals. While he is certainly proud about his achievements, Kym Carter never let things go to his head.

Kym Carter is presently working as a Senior Vice President at Hotel & Resorts Beneton Hospitality Group.

For any information, feel free to contact Kym Carter.


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