Give a Boost to your Hospitality Business With Kym Carter.

If you have to name a person that has the most respected person who can be named as the face of Australian hospitality industry, it would Kym Carter’s hard earned respect that would spring to many people’s minds. As a former General Manager of Watermark Hotel Group, General Manager of Stamford Plaza Brisbane, Kym Carter has won the most respected place in the hospitality industry and admiration from his peers for his tireless work. With years of dedication and hard work, Kym Carter has helped many hotel businesses to achieve the highest level of success. Kym Carter is today a living legend and one of the most respected people in the booming hotel business in Australia. Kym Carter graduated with the Diploma in Hotel Management majored in sale & marketing (one of the top five students all year). He has always refused to take failure as an answer even while the hospitality industry had been at its lowest point. He follows a very much impressive philosophy- do not be afraid of failure, because it will happen. The immense hard work and honesty in regards to the employers, Kym Carter has created records in helping hotel businesses and achieve optimum goals and returns for the business owners. His success is the result of his efforts and the deep understanding of hotel operations makes him perfect in leading the entire region. Kym Carter is a man aimed at achieving higher goals in life. While Kym is certainly proud about his achievements, he never let things go to his head. He had been cherishing people wherever they come from and his true passion is charity. For any inquiry about Kym Carter, feel free to contact him.

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